Early Career Researchers in Psychology

The promotion of Early Career Researchers (ECRs) is one of the strategic goals of the Faculty of Psychology. For this reason, the ECR Working Group was founded. ECRs are all persons working on a dissertation (prae docs) and junior post docs (up to 6 years after Ph.D. degree) at the Faculty of Psychology.

 What is your concern/what can we help you with?

Here you can enter personal issues, and decide whether or not you want to do it anonymously or with disclosure. The idea is to make us, your ECR representatives aware of issues we may not come across otherwise, so we can help and represent you or the people affected better.

 What could we improve?

Give us your feedback on our ECR Psychology activities, organisation or anything you have a suggestion on!

 Join us

If you are an ECR at the Faculty of the Psychology, but we are not in contact with you yet, please add your details so we can inform you about our events/grants.

 Travel grant

Travel grant for research related trips (conferences, summer schools) for Prae Docs and Post Docs of the Faculty of Psychology.