Further funding for travels

COBENE PhD-Seed Grants

Aim: To help PhD candidates with no or not much financial support from third party funds of their supervisors. The goal is to support conference presentations, fill knowledge gaps and produce research suitable for publication in academic journals.

Applications can be made:
i) for travel support or ii) for material and/or labor support with the given forms. The decision upon the grant allocation will be made on an individual base by the (vice-) DSPL for each research foci: Psychological Sciences I Behavioural & Cognitive Biology I Neuroscience I Cognitive Humanities

For direct costs, including personnel (e.g., participants fee, technician) and non-personnel costs, including event travel & accommodation, materials and supplies.


Eligibility: All VDS CoBeNe PhD fellows are eligible to apply


Scope:  Up to 2.000 €


Deadline: Currently the call is open throughout the semester unless the seed budget is spent


Link: https://vds-cobene.univie.ac.at/phd-programm/vds-cobene-grants/


 Scholarship (Förderungsstipendium) via student aid authority (Stipendienstelle Wien)

Scholarships according to the StudFG (univie.ac.at)


Aim: This grant can cover travel expenses, participation costs, material or labor support costs.


Eligibility: PhD student (or Master student)


Scope: maximum of 3.600 €.


Deadline: twice a year (1. Call: around March, 2. around October/November)

(Please check webpage for the actual deadlines)

 ÖFG - Österreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft

International Communication/Internationale Kommunikation

Austrian Research Foundation (oefg.at)


Aim: This is funding for presenting new research to conferences, workshops, some short-term stays, etc.

The funding from ÖFG can only be granted if you give a (poster or oral) presentation on the respective conference. Passive participation only cannot be funded.


Eligibility: PhD students and Post docs


Scope: The maximum amount to fund for conferences within Europe is 500€ and for overseas conferences 700€.

The grant must be dedicated for travel and accommodation costs only. 


Deadline(s): 20 March; 12 June; 2 October; 6 November

(Please check webpage for potential updates)

Link: https://www.oefg.at/foerderungen/internationale-kommunikation/

Further funding opportunities

  • Funding provided by the University of Vienna: