Who counts as Early Career Researchers (ECR)?

ECRs are all persons working on a dissertation (prae docs) and junior post docs (up to 6 years after Ph.D. degree) at the Faculty of Psychology.

If the dissertation has already been completed, it must not have been completed more than 6 years ago. The 6-year period ends on December 31st of the 6th year after completion of the dissertation and is extended by periods of grace due to childcare. In justified individual cases, the period of 6 years after completion of the dissertation can be extended to a maximum of 10 years after completion of the dissertation.

Priority groups of ECRs

For the distribution of travel expenses from the ECR budget, the group of ECRs is divided into the following priorities:

  • Priority 1: Prae doc University assistant (full- or part- time)
  • Priority 2: Prae doc project employee (full- or part- time, including Uni:Docs, CoBeNe, FWF, WWTF) and Post doc University assistant/project employee (part-time)
  • Priority 3: Post-doc University assistant and project employee (full-time); Prae doc and Post doc employees at the Cognitive Science Hub

 If you are an ECR, but do not clearly fall in any priority group, please contact us.

Distribution of travel grant

The distribution key is recalculated each year depending on the financial resources of the faculty and the number of applications received.

Experience shows (no guarantee!) that the covered grant amount per priority groups are as follows:

  • Priority 1: Grant of approx. 700-900 € per year per applicant
  • Priority 2: Grant of approx. 500-700 € per year per applicant
  • Priority 3: Grant of approx. 300-500 € per year per applicant