What is your concern/what can we help you with?

We know that life as an ECR can be tough. While many issues can be addressed by directly talking to a person you trust, like for instance your peers or the Ombudsperson, some situations may rather require a possibility for an anonymous low-threshold reporting of your sorrows or worries, or of actual irregularities you want to communicate to us (this will not necessarily always be something that directly concerns you, but it may also be something you noticed that affects others, who may not be able to report it for whatever reason).

This is why we created this suggestion and reporting box. Here you can enter such issues, and decide whether or not you want to do so anonymously or with disclosure. The idea is to make us, your ECR representatives aware of issues we may not come across otherwise, so we can help and represent you or the people affected better.

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Suggestion and reporting box (Kummerkasten)