Application deadlines

  • 1st round: 1st April 2022
  • 2nd round: upcoming: October/November

How to apply?

Step 1: Application for travel allowance

Please fill out the Travel grant form (Antrag auf Reisekostenzuschuss) to your institute's administration offices (Institutsreferate) and consider the submission deadlines (1 to 2 distribution rounds per year), which will be communicated by email:

Download the English form of Travel grant 

Download the German version of Antrag auf Reisekostenzuschuss


Please note:

●  Let the travel grant form get checked and signed by the institute's directors, project managers or doctoral supervisors

●  The supported amount of the travel grant from the department / from the project funds should be as high as possible! Please note that if the amount applied for is below 80 Euros, no allowance from institutes is necessary.

●  Please hand in the completed form to the responsible department secretary.

The travel grant will then be reviewed / approved by the Faculty dean. Only trips approved by the directors of the institute / project managers / dissertation supervisors can be supported by ECR Working Group.


Step 2: Submission of forms and invoices for travel reimbursement

After your travel allowances have been sighted by the ECR representatives and confirmed by the dean, please submit the travel reimbursement form (Reisekostenabrechnung) together with the attachment for refunding from the ECRs (Beiblatt) and the original invoices (for hotel, train, flight, conference fee etc.) to your institute's administration offices (Institutsreferate).

Download the English travel reimbursement form

Download the German travel reimbursement form (Reisekostenabrechnung)


Download the English attachment to the travel reimbursement form

Download the German attachment to the travel reimbursement form (Beiblatt zur Reisekostenabrechnung)