Application deadlines

  • 23.01.2024

How to apply?

Step 1: Application for travel allowance

Every January, we send out an e-mail to all ECRs asking for their general interest in using the travel grant budget. The budget is then divided equally among all interested ECRs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply at a later date.

Step 2: Travel reimbursement via HR4U

After your travel allowances have been sighted by the ECR representatives and confirmed by the dean, please use the form for reimbursement (“Kostenersätze - Reisekosten”) on your HR4U account and start a new submission. If costs are separated between ECR budget and your institute/project, you need to split your invoices according to the amount granted and submit this form twice, once for the ECR budget and once for your institute/project.

You can find a detailed description here


Please note:

●  The travel reimbursement must be submitted until 6 months after the conference, by the latest

●  For further information, please consult the FAQ in the intranet and institutional secretary responsible for travel reimbursement.

IMPORTANT: Remember to send the application for leave of absence (PA/F7) to your institute's administration offices at least three weeks before your departure, so that the insurance covers your trip. You have to fill in and sign page 1. 

Please note: A trip to a conference is usually NOT a "Dienstreise", so do not apply via HR4U for this step. When you need to apply for a "Dienstreise" and when for a Leave of Absence is explained in detail in the FAQ in the intranet.