• Contact for and representative of all ECRs employed at the Faculty of Psychology
  • Representation of ECR interests to the faculty
  • Promotion of networking possibilities and exchange of information among ECRs within and between the departments
  • Evaluation of initiatives to change the research environment and employment conditions for ECRs
  • Promotion of participation in congresses, summer schools and workshops
  • Organization of scientific activities (e.g. workshops, poster exhibition, lectures)
  • Organization of extra-scientific activities (e.g. regulars' table, hiking day, postdoc pubquiz)


  • Creation of a common communication platform for all ECRs.
  • To introduce and take into account the ECR interests in the decisions of the faculty.
  • More participation in research- and faculty-relevant topics.
  • Optimisation of research and working conditions for ECRs.
  • Increasing the visibility of ECRs research (by promoting publications, participating in congresses, etc.).
  • Promotion of various competences (e.g. methodical competences, media competence, presentation techniques, scientific writing, project proposals)