Poster session 2023



You can download the booklet of poster abstracts here.

The ECR Posterevent takes place on June 15th at the Arkadenhof, from 18:15 until 19:15. Please note that the time has slightly changed, so that the Posterevent is better integrated with the Summer Reception with a larger audience interested in our work. If the time change causes an issue for you, please contact Teresa Koch ( with the subject line "Poster Event June 15".

The Posterevent will last one hour, with two 30 minute slots. You will be randomly assigned to one slot during which you present your poster. If only one of these slots works for you, please contact Teresa Koch.

The goal is to connect ECRs from different groups at the faculty, so you can make new connections and learn about the research other ECRs are conducting. You can also get ECTS for the event, and add the presentation to your CV. We will provide snacks and drinks and hope that this will be a nice event to have some free food, chat and get to know each other. 


The poster event occurs as part of the faculty evaluation. Right after the poster session, the Faculty Sommerfest will take place. Thus, after the poster session you can continue the evening with your colleagues and fellow ECRs at the summer celebration. 


We are looking forward to seeing you there! 



Poster session of 2018