Presentation and Discussion Invitation: Open Science Communities & Open Science in Austria

We, the Early Career Researchers in Psychology, invite you to attend the first meeting of the ReproducibiliTEA Journal Club of the upcoming summer semester. We will focus on the improvement of openness, transparency, and replicability of research (Open Science) through

grassroots communities at Universities. In a presentation, the concept of Open Science Communities will be presented, along with existing Open Science initiatives in Austria. Subsequently, there will be a discussion about the potential establishment of an Open Science Community in Vienna. More information can be found here:

Tea and cookies will be available!

Presentation: Leonardo Bergmann

Moderation: Markus Tünte

Date: 13.03.2024

Time: 17:00-18:00

Location: Hörsaal H, Liebiggasse 5, 1010 Wien